Monday, November 14, 2011

Home Depot Can Be Dangerous?

I can't go to Home Depot without seeing something I want that has nothing to do with the original reason I entered the darn store. I had to stop by there to get some caulk to fill in some of the many cracks in the drywall way, way up in part of the 20+ft ceiling that hasn't been touched in over 15 years because we don't have a ladder that tall. Side notes: we borrowed a friggin tall ladder O'death and I wandered around Home Depot for about 20 minutes looking for the caulk section because I didn't want to ask one of the cute Home Depot guys, "where's your caulk? (childish giggle)" While I was strolling around Home Depot I came across some really nice, and new to me, pendant lights. So... we've borrowed a ladder for a few days and IF I'm going to add a light to a ceiling that I won't be able to get to again for another 15 years, NOW would be the time to do that!!!! Right??
I know, I will I change the light bulb(s)? I'm still in the honeymoon phase and am not thinking about that yet.
Lemme show you what has been there for the last 15 years:
When I first moved here there was a hideous cowboy chandelier hanging, on a hideous chain, all the way down to, and almost touching, the dining room table. I borrowed a ladder and because I couldn't reach the wiring with two hands and still balance on the ladder, I just CUT the chandelier down and undid the electric wiring in the wall-light-switch for safety. But yesterday, we tried, and my tall husband said he'd be able to reach the wires if I want to add a light. So... I could get rid of the sad remnant of once was.

Here's some of what I saw [whilst looking for caulk ;)] that I liked. I love the vintage bulbs the first row comes with:
 The star is so cute but it's $461. Not gonna happen. This idea is on a whim and I'm going to keep it below $100 (the rest of the lights are around $75), if I do anything. I like the industrial look and love the vintage light bulb in the cage, but how would I get to the bulb let alone change it?! Maybe they are all too small??

Also, this space doesn't really need light, It just might be a nice change to hang something.

I'd also like to add this:
Not the fan. The wood. You know, since we have the ladder a few days...and we're doing stuff up there already...???? Love Love Love It!

Actually, I've been feeling BLAH about this house lately. For many reasons, but a few are rising HOA dues (every freaking year) and too much time fantasizing on (the grass is always greener...) Zillow. So I don't really feel much like putting one more cent into this house, but I've felt this way about this house many times before and I'm still here, 15 years later...