Friday, September 30, 2011

Master Bedroom

I've been having one of THOSE weeks. Two small reasons are: 1) I'm a new blogger and one post can, and probably will, take hours. Which means that dinner is snack crackers and juice boxes. 2) It's still 100+ degrees here in AZ. Which means I don't feel like cooking or eating, so dinner is snack crackers and juice boxes. But enough about me and my woes, let's talk about me and my bedroom! I am so excited about this series of link parties. This is a group of bloggers I admire and follow and it's an unbelievable opportunity to be part of their blogs. I joined late but am determined to finish strong!

I lived in Japan for five years and it's had a big influence on my decor. The kimono is from an antique store in Japan. It's been hanging there for over ten years. I used to have a bed with a lower headboard and the kimono fit just above it. When I bought this bed and moved it into the room, I planned on taking the kimono down. That was four years ago.

The bed is so beastly that when we added wood floors we just worked around it.

Have to add the sinks because they are, technically, in the room. No door-just a doorway.

This is a dining room hutch filled with books.